The Best Iphone Repair Techniques You Should Know

The Best Iphone Repair Techniques You Should Know

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Apple’s iPhone is the coolest addition to mobile devices with its striking Display and HD video playback and recording features. All this comes at a huge expense, but there has been a seemingly high-rise in the number of reported iPhone problems now days.

You can choose to self-diagnose the problems yourself or send it to the Apple service center if it’s still under warranty period. Some of the minor iPhone problems can be resolved without professional help. But like any other devices, these also need professional help. As you approach a computer technician to solve your computer issues, similarly you should approach your iphone repair store to sort out issues.

Like a computer technician, a good professional of smartphone repair can help you with the best solutions. Moreover, the professional can also help you with tips and tricks to increase life span of your phone. Visit this link for more information about the computer technician in Perth.

Before you take your smartphone to a repair store, let’s bring in some tips which can help you save some bucks.

1. IPhone Reception Problems: If you hold the iPhone improperly, it may sometimes cause reception problems in the phone. Do not hold the iPhone such that the small gap near the external antenna at the left hand side bottom of the phone gets covered. Check your area; you might as well be in an area with low connectivity.

The best solution is to invest in iPhone covers, these covers are specially designed to protect the reception catching portion of the iPhone. This will ensure proper reception at all times except in low connectivity areas.

2. Facetime calls won’t work in 3G: Facetime is an application in iPhone which enables you to make free video calls but it only works with other iPhone users only. There are two solutions to this problem. One is to get a device; these devices are small and slip into your pocket. They generate a portable Wi-Fi access point to a 3G network. The 2nd solution is to get another application called Fring App instead of Facetime. This application works just fine in case your Facetime is not working.

3. No free satellite navigation: This is one of the oldest and most common iPhone problems reported by the users. However, current times have changed and now the iPhone online store has iPhone Satellite Nav apps for free also. It’s a free application but it’s very neat and resolves the satellite navigation issues. 

4. Old Sim card not fitting: iPhones can be purchased in unlocked state too, but the problem is that they use micro SIM cards which are smaller in size compared to old Sim cards. There are many guides available online which help in making micro Sim cards from existing Sim cards.

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